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Please see new practice times here Monday replaces the Sunday session.

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Keiko practice, Sunday March 6, 2016
Keiko practice

Northumbria  Kendo club is one of main dojos in Newcastle. If you are interested in starting Kendo please see the Practice information page to find us and what days we practice on or check out our Facebook page for more information.

Keiko Practice

What is Kendo

“Kendo is the art of Japanese sword fighting that was practiced by the Samurai.  The art of combat was a very important part of their lives, so they trained their sword skills every day.  Kendo literally translated “Ken” sword and “Do” the way, together it means, “The Way of the Sword”. In the past the Samurai practiced using real swords or wooden ones in prearranged forms called Kata. Consequently injuries were high. These difficulties were overcome by the wearing of protective pads on the head and forearms. These pads were gradually altered and modified over many years and have evolved into the armour that is worn today by people that practice Kendo.

Keiko practice, Sunday 7/3/2016
Keiko practice

The wooden sword used for practice also went through many changes.  The sword used today is called a Shinai and is made of four pieces of bamboo carefully shaped which substitutes for the real sword and allows true and accurate strikes to be made. Although the sword and armour of the Samurai have changed, the spirit and fighting techniques have remained virtually the same. While the Samurai’s life depended upon his skill and speed with the sword, the present day form of Kendo is a sport and International & National competitions are held where speed and skills with the Shinai are required.  As with the Samurai, true and accurate strikes have to be made to those parts of the opponent’s body which would quickly incapacitate them.”

attack 2
Keiko practice

Joining the Club

Northumbria Kendo club welcomes beginners and experienced people at any time of the year.  Kendo is fun,  especially when learning the basics and taster sessions are available for people to have a try to see what kendo is like.  We will also attend freshers fair at universities and demonstrations  so you can have a look at what kendo is all about.  For your first classes please bring a track-suit or loose fitting light-weight clothing. Contact us now for more information.


Membership to Northumbria Kendo club is open to the general public and students over the age of 18. For more information please kindly contact us.